Get Started


it looks like you just got your dadamachinesautomat board / controller / toolkit!

Here I will explain how to get started with your hardware.

  • After opening your package. The first thing you can do is to configure the MIDI connection of the automat either via DIN MIDI or USB.
  • [Please connect the Power Supply first, If you did not get one you can only continue via USB but not drive any motors with the outputs]

How to configure the DC Outputs of the automat?

Follow the QuickStart Guide which should be coming with your unit, or continue reading here.

  • 1. Connect the automat.
  • 2. Press the LEARN Button [IMPORTANT: The most right one on the backside of the automat] once.
  • 3. Send a MIDI note from your Keyboard, Sequencer, Computer.
  • >> The first output should now always be triggered by the MIDI note you send.


Get started with the Automat Board / Controller:


Get started with the Automat Toolkit:


Make it your own! Create your Setup:

  • – How to write my own Software for the Automat?
  • – How to take my Automat Toolkit on the go / make it mobile with battery power?


To get help, share your ideas and creations please use the dadamachines forum @

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