a blog for dadamachines

Published: Apr 3, 2024 by Johannes Elias Lohbihler

a blog for dadamachines

Hello and welcome to the dadamachines blog! This space is dedicated to the latest happenings and creative explorations from the world of dadamachines, where we turn the real world into your instrument with our automat toolkit.

Expect to see:

  • dadamachines News: Quick updates on our products and the latest developments to keep you in the loop.

  • Community Showcase: Be inspired by the inventive uses of the automat toolkit featured in our Showcase section, where the creativity of our users shines.

  • Collaborations & Events: Stay informed about the exciting collaborations and events we’re involved in.

  • Behind the Scenes: Insights from the studio, sharing the journey of dadamachines and the stories behind our multisensory experiences and music technology.

The blog will also be a place for you to discover the incredible projects from the dadamachines community. Take a moment to explore the Showcase to see the amazing things already being done with the automat toolkit.

Thank you for joining us at the intersection of music, technology, and creativity. We can’t wait to share more with you.

— Johannes

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